The Dale Chihuly app: Blow into your iPhone to create art

Dale Chihuly, the world renowned glass sculpture artist who splits his time between Seattle, Washington and the desert, now has his own app.

“The Chihuly App” – created by the Martin Agency, Inc. – is presented by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, where the artist’s Breathe Art Into Life exhibit is on display through Feb. 10.

And that’s kind of how the app works … you create colorful shapes by blowing into the iPhone or iPad, breathing life into your new work of art.

Click here to see a video demonstration of the app.

Chihuly, who created the Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala glass sculpture awards, attended the Variety Indie Impact Brunch at The Parker Palm Springs on Sunday.

He also fashioned the orange, vase-shaped Indie Impact award David O. Sullivan received at the Variety brunch.

He’s seen the the app – but he doesn’t have it on his phone – because he doesn’t have an iPhone, he said.

“I’m not very interested in electronic stuff,” the artist said.

Chihuly smiled and pulled a flip phone from his pocket.

“I was impressed by the app,” he added. “It’s really fun.”

Glass sculpture artist Dale Chihuly displays his flip phone at Variety's Indie Impact Brunch at The Parker Palm Springs on Jan. 6, 2013.