Positive response to Navy jets’ return to Palm Springs airport

A U.S. Navy T-45C Goshawk carrier-capable jet fighter trainer prepares to take off from Atlantic Aviation in Palm Springs on Tuesday, April 10, 2012. Denise Goolsby/The Desert Sun

Over the next month, beginning on Wednesday, about 18 T-45 ‘Goshawk’ trainer jets from the Navy Training Air Wing 2 based in Kingsville, Texas, will visit off and on between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., the Navy announced Friday. They’ll temporarily operate out of Naval Air Facility El Centro.

PHOTOS: T-45C Goshawk jet fighter trainers at Palm Springs airport in April 2012

Palm Springs International Airport will be used for refueling, so residents can expect to hear and see about three jets a day, the Navy said in its email announcement to The Desert Sun.

About a year ago, the Department of Defense, in response to some local residents’ complaint of excessive noise from jets taking off and landing from the Palm Springs airport, began cutting back on on military jet stopovers in the desert.

The Desert Sun asked readers what they thought about the temporary return of the jets.

 Here are a few of those responses:

I live in the northern part of Palm Springs and have experienced the noise from the Navy jets.  I love them!  Their training flights give me a sense of security and pride in our country.  Yes, they were ear splitting but they are an incredible testimony to our country.  Bring on the T45s.

Resident on flight pattern,

Janet Schmitt

This is great news.  Along with the overall growth trends throughout the valley from cultural, sports, and business activities, the Navy aviators should be saluted.  These guys are protecting our freedoms and any minimal and momentary  discomfort to residents, who of course moved in long after the airport was established, is a very small price to pay to help the flying proficiencies of these great Americans.  Frankly, they should be welcomed by city and airport officials.

Alan Wayne, La Quinta

What I think it’s great!  Living in Rancho Mirage under the the approach to PS International there is nothing more exciting than watching, and hearing, one of our nation’s best in flight.
James D. Turner
Yea for our militaryLove the sound of those jets going over

Proud to be an American

Donna Flood

We should be welcoming OUR navy jets into the  Palm Springs airport. Some people have complained about the noise yet want to have the best military in the world as long as it doesn’t infringe on their life style. They should think about the life styles that our men and woman in the military (and their families ). Hearing and and seeing our jets makes me proud. Instead of complaining the next time you hear a military jet just say thank you and be grateful that you live in the USA.

Mike Salcido

Training Air Wing 2 is responsible for providing the fleet with newly winged Navy and Marine Corps aviators. The Air Wing consists of approximately 250 student naval aviators, 75 instructor pilots, 80 civilian personnel, and 100 T-45A and T-45C “Goshawk” aircraft.

What do you think?

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