2013 may be off to a frosty start for the Coachella Valley

Desert frostParty-goers flocking to Palm Springs for New Year’s Eve festivities may want to add a few layers. On Monday, the National Weather Service issued a frost advisory for the Coachella Valley from midnight through 9 a.m. January 1, 2013.

According to the advisory, temperatures could fall below freezing tonight across inland valleys and lower deserts with lows in the mid-20s possible.

While revelers can keep warm inside, homeowners may want to protect sensitive plants which could be damaged or killed if left uncovered.

Low-lying areas of gardens are at more risk than plants set atop berms. According to TheGardenHelper.com, newspapers, plastic tarbs, sheets, glass jars, milk jugs and upside-down paper cups can be used to protect sensitive plants. Just remember to remove them in the morning to avoid having them act as ovens once the sun is shining.