Health Matters 2013: How Bill Clinton got to the Golden Globes

When President Bill Clinton began his first healthcare panel in La Quinta on Tuesday, his relationship with Academy Award-winning director Steven Spielberg stole the spotlight.

Dr. Nancy Snyderman, a longtime Clinton friend and chief medical editor for NBC News, will moderate the “Health Transformation” panel for the second-annual Health Matters conference.

But first she joked with Clinton about his surprise appearance Sunday at the Golden Globes, alluding to show co-host Amy Poehler’s reaction to Clinton’s appearance on stage.

“So rumor has it that Hilary Clinton’s husband was spotted” at the Golden Globes, Snyderman said from the stage Tuesday at the La Quinta Resort and Club.

“Yeah, it’s not my forum, is it?” Clinton said.

“I thought you did pretty darn well,” Snyderman responded.

“Well, Steven Spielberg let me write my own script, which I couldn’t believe,” Clinton said.

Clinton went on to explain his role in the development of the -nominated “Lincoln” and his long relationship with Steven Spielberg.

“On a couple occasions he’s been nice enough to send me a script with some relevance to something I know and asked me to read it,” Clinton said.

Spielberg sent Clinton at least three copies of the “Lincoln” script, asking him his thoughts on the character of Lincoln. That’s what led to his introduction of the film Sunday at the Golden Globes.

“So he asked me to introduce it and explained what the historical importance was, and I agreed to do it,” Clinton said.

Clinton said he thought some of the language was “a little too earthy, if you wanted 9-year-olds to go to the movie.” But he spoke highly of the movie and its portrayal of the fellow president.

“I thought the movie should be a movie for general audiences, and it was very carefully done based on diaries,” Clinton said.