Do newer real estate agents really understand how to sell a house??

Here are some basic things to follow which should provide you with tool to help you to obtain a listing, and have a very good chance to sell the property.
• Use a listing presentation
• Tweak your presentation every year, or more often if needed
• Determine what the competition is doing and add to your listing presentation
• Make sure you have the basics covered -communication with sellers, Internet advertising, etc
• Don’t forget that an inexpensive for-sale sign is still one of the most powerful ways to market real estate,
• So is putting the home in the multiple listing service with as many amazing photographs allowed.
• Network with agents who do business in your area
• Don’t expect an open house to sell the home
• Remember -correctly priced, clean homes in good repair, that are accessible to buyers, and that have been staged, sell the fastest if they have amazing photographs and are on the MLS.

Most importantly – do what you say you will do in your listing presentation. And remember it is all about customer service.  Good Luck!!!