HBO releases trailer for Liberace flick filmed in Palm Springs

HBO has released its first trailer for “Behind the Candelabra” — the bio-pic about Liberace that was shot, in part, in Palm Springs last year.

“Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the movie is based on Thorson’s autobiography, Behind the Candelabra: My Life with Liberace, which was published in 1988, a year after Liberace’s death,” according to Vanity Fair.

Nearly 900,000 people have watched the trailer in the last 72 hours.

The movie stars Michael Douglas as the flamboyant piano man and Matt Damon as his lover Scott Thorson.

Hundreds of Liberace fans and wannabe actors lined up at the Palm Springs Convention Center in July 2012 for a chance to be an extra in the flick.

It was slated to be shot in Palm Springs in late August 2012. Liberace had two homes in Palm Springs.

About 100 extras were needed to play fans, medical personnel and likely other parts, casting director Rich King told The Desert Sun at the time.

Douglas’ father, actor and author Kirk Douglas, had a home in Palm Springs for years and his brother Joel lives only a few blocks from Liberace’s home near Alejo Road.

Palm Springs movie: Sean Patrick Flanery continues filming ‘Hidden Away’

Filming outside Azul in downtown Palm Springs on Tuesday, Feb. 6. (Photo by Kate McGinty, The Desert Sun)

A Hollywood film crew continued its takeover of Palm Springs — and social media — on Wednesday.

The crew planned to shoot at the popular restaurant Azul from 7 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

The film plan includes transforming the outside patio into a coffee shop, as well as scenes shot inside. It shot at the Palm Springs Art Museum on Monday.

Actor Sean Patrick Flanery tweeted this photo at the Forever Marilyn statue in Palm Springs. (Photo from @seanflanery via

The movie stars Sean Patrick Flanery — a lead actor in the 1999 action flick “The Boondock Saints,” also known for his roles in “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles,” “Dexter” and “The Young and the Restless” — who tweeted a photo of himself with the “Forever Marilyn” statue.

It also stars Emmanuelle Vaugier, who has had recurring roles on “CSI: NY” and “Two and a Half Men.”

She posted a photo to Facebook of herself Sunday in front of the The Saguaro in Palm Springs.

Actress Emmanuelle Vaugier outside the Saguara in Palm Springs. Photo from @evaugier, via Twitter.

She tweeted a second photo Tuesday at the Saguaro pool, with what looks like a film crew behind her.

The thriller, called “Hidden Away,” follows a woman who escapes an abusive husband and starts a new life in Palm Springs, but is found and terrorized by the husband years later.

Also in the cast:

  • Ivan Sergei: The Mentalist, Army Wives
  • Thomas Calabro: Glee, Melrose Place, Nip Tuck
  • Elisabeth Rohm: Law & Order, Angel, Lifetime’s The Client List

A night at “Golf in the Kingdom”

Saturday night I had a chance to go over to the Cinemas Palme D’Or to watch the new golf movie “Golf in the Kingdom.” It is the movie based on the 1972 book by Michael Murphy about golf and self-discovery and spirituality. I kind of call it a zen thing for golf,

I was happy to see I wasn’t the only one there. Golf movies tend to keep people away for some reason. Even when a movie says it isn’t about a sport, but about the people within the sport and their interactions, the movie tends to be about the sport as well. And if you are not a golfer, a movie called “Golf in the Kingdom” might scare you away.

As it turns out, between 40 and 50 people were there for the movie and a Q and A session at the end of the film with producer Mindy Affrime and screenwriter and director Susan Streitfeld. The Q and A was hosted by radio host and golfer Roger Dibble. So it was more than just a chance to eat Rasinettes in the dark.

Just as the book is tough to grasp for some people, my guess is the movie will be tough for some people. Self-discovery and enlightenment are tough subject to begin with. Trying to convince people that such things can be found in golf, well, that’s even tougher.

But the casting of the film was wonderful, the backdrops of Bandon Dunes in Oregon were just as good. And in the Q and A session, it was obvious that enough people “got” the message of the film to have made the exercise worhtwhile.

If you are expecting a golf movie, you know, guys teeing it up in competition, this is not your movie. If you have no idea what the book is about, you will be surprised what you find. If you are someone intereted in golf and nature and spirituality, there is a chance this is exactly the movie for you.

I never thought anyone could make a movie out of “Golf in the Kingdom.” Affrime and Streitfeld have made the movie. Whether you get the moivie or not they are least made the film. And that’s an accomplishment Shivas Irons would be proud of.