Real Estate Reality; Nobody wants to take Responsibility.

short sales are a real estate reality real estate reality 

Real Estate Responsibility; Nobody wants to take it! 

It is a hard time for property owners right now.  What to do?  Who to ask?  Who to Listen to?  It seems that taking responsibility for our past decisions, their consequences, our current choices and their consequences is something all of us could become better at.  It’s REALLY hard to admit you’re wrong..or were wrong about a past decision.  “Wrong” is a difficult word to say along with “I was”..almost painful for so many of us.  I wonder why?

Admitting we’re wrong means we have to look at ourselves.  Yikes..there’s a problem.  It’s so much easier to go along each day NOT focusing on ourselves.  But is easier the better way?  I don’t believe so.  Confrontation is painful when you’re doing it, but what a relief when it’s done!  That’s it!  Take the longer, more global view by accepting responsibility for your actions, remembering their consequences, learning from them and then trying to react differently the next time a similar situation comes up. 

Real Estate is just one small area where we can ALL accept responsibility for our own decisions.  I had to look at the home I’d purchased in 2004, then refinanced in 2006.  My experienced Lender and friend, couseled me, I took his advice, BUT..ultimately, it was my own fault for accepting his recommendations and going forward with the paperwork.  So..the house depreciates more than 50%, I’m underwater, I panic, stress out and don’t sleep for approximately 1 year and then what???  Ah-ha!  Stop crying! Look at the REALITY of the current market (for me, this was 2008), do some extensive research and then make a decision and live with the results.  I did, and immediately felt the relief of a plan take shape.  There is NOTHING more stressful than living in the ether world of grayness and indecision.  As Cher said in the movie ‘Moonstruck’, “Snap out of it!!” Continue reading