Live like Batman in Adam West’s one-time Palm Springs home

It isn’t exactly the bat cave, but a home once owned by ’60′s-era Batman Adam West is on the market in Palm Springs for $1.5 million — a bargain for anyone who aspires to live like a superhero (or an actor who once played a superhero on TV).

Adam West Palm Springs HouseThe 3,189-square-foot home is a modernist’s dream. Built in 1954, the house is situated in Palm Springs’ Old Las Palmas neighborhood, tucked into a mature stand of palm trees and sited next to a spacious kidney-shaped pool flanked by a flagstone patio. The structure features three bedrooms, five baths and floor-to-ceiling walls of windows serving up desert and mountain views.

Per, the home was renovated in 1984 under the direction of modernist Albert Frey and also features a fountain, a master bath with matching marble tubs and a two-car garage.

Not to mention the satisfaction that will come from knowing you’re laying your head in the very spot where Batman once laid down his own masked noggin. West, by the way, received a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars in 2010.

Alas, the house does not include a faithful manservant who will also lay down his life to protect your secret identity.

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Include or Not to Include a Buyer Allowance

What do you think when you see a listing which advertizes and allowance for carpet or appliances. I don’t know about you, but I normally think – what else is wrong with the property?

I recently came across an article which offers words of wisdom regarding providing a Buyer Allowance in the listing description. To read the article follow this link:

Read more: Don’t Offer Buyer Allowance in Home Listing |® Blogs

Which Web Sites are the Best to Showcase Your Property?

As of February, the top ten sites in terms of most visited real estate websites are as follows - according to the latest rankings from Web metrics firm Experian Hitwise:
1. Yahoo Real Estate
3. Zillow
4. FrontDoor Real Estate
5. Trulia
7. MSN Real Estate
9. ZipRealty
10. Apartment Guide

Make sure your property is visible on at least the top five.

5 Real Estate Scams Every One Needs to Know About

In an article written by Melissa Dittmann Tracey who is a contributing editor for REALTOR® magazine, she outlines  5 Real Estate Scams everyone should know about. They are:

1. The Foreclosure Rescue Scheme
2. Loan Documentation Fraud
3. Appraisal Fraud
4. Illegal Property Flipping
5. Short Sales Schemes
To read the entire article, follow the link below:

Do newer real estate agents really understand how to sell a house??

Here are some basic things to follow which should provide you with tool to help you to obtain a listing, and have a very good chance to sell the property.
• Use a listing presentation
• Tweak your presentation every year, or more often if needed
• Determine what the competition is doing and add to your listing presentation
• Make sure you have the basics covered -communication with sellers, Internet advertising, etc
• Don’t forget that an inexpensive for-sale sign is still one of the most powerful ways to market real estate,
• So is putting the home in the multiple listing service with as many amazing photographs allowed.
• Network with agents who do business in your area
• Don’t expect an open house to sell the home
• Remember -correctly priced, clean homes in good repair, that are accessible to buyers, and that have been staged, sell the fastest if they have amazing photographs and are on the MLS.

Most importantly – do what you say you will do in your listing presentation. And remember it is all about customer service.  Good Luck!!!

Market Recover – One Point of View

I recently attended a meeting of our Luxury Property Division in LA. Among many of the interesting tidbits which were shared with us was the following insight on the real estate market – where it is currently, where it will be and how long it will take to get back to “normal”.

  • 2011 will be slow to start but will end the year on an up trend
  • Foreclosures will be strong in 2011 – there will be more than we have seen in the past due to financial institutions previously holding back on foreclosures.
  • It will take two to three years before we will truly emerge from the troubled market
  • California has an over abundance of agents and there needs to be a reduction

Each area is a bit different and it appears we are fortunate here in our valley. We seem to be ahead of the curve and are doing a bit better than other areas around the state.

Five Reasons to Buy a Home in 2011

More and more experts are indicating they expect a positive turn in real estate in 2011. Michele Lerner, author of Homebuying: Tough Times, First Time, Any Time, offers the following reasons why she believes real estate is likely to improve in 2011.

1. Mortgage rates will stay low.
Even with rates climbing they are still well below where they have been historically.
2. Tax cuts could help.
Extending the tax cuts could encourage a more rapid recovery for the economy.
3. Americans want to be home owners.
A recent Fannie Mae survey showed that Americans still believe a home is a safe and desirable investment.
4. Builders are about to begin building.
Home builders have been sitting on the sidelines. This year, they think pent-up demand will create an appetite for new homes.
5, Homes are shrinking.
Homes are getting smaller, which has made them more affordable.

Source: Daily Real Estate News – December 27, 2010

Real Estate Reality; Nobody wants to take Responsibility.

short sales are a real estate reality real estate reality 

Real Estate Responsibility; Nobody wants to take it! 

It is a hard time for property owners right now.  What to do?  Who to ask?  Who to Listen to?  It seems that taking responsibility for our past decisions, their consequences, our current choices and their consequences is something all of us could become better at.  It’s REALLY hard to admit you’re wrong..or were wrong about a past decision.  “Wrong” is a difficult word to say along with “I was”..almost painful for so many of us.  I wonder why?

Admitting we’re wrong means we have to look at ourselves.  Yikes..there’s a problem.  It’s so much easier to go along each day NOT focusing on ourselves.  But is easier the better way?  I don’t believe so.  Confrontation is painful when you’re doing it, but what a relief when it’s done!  That’s it!  Take the longer, more global view by accepting responsibility for your actions, remembering their consequences, learning from them and then trying to react differently the next time a similar situation comes up. 

Real Estate is just one small area where we can ALL accept responsibility for our own decisions.  I had to look at the home I’d purchased in 2004, then refinanced in 2006.  My experienced Lender and friend, couseled me, I took his advice, BUT..ultimately, it was my own fault for accepting his recommendations and going forward with the paperwork.  So..the house depreciates more than 50%, I’m underwater, I panic, stress out and don’t sleep for approximately 1 year and then what???  Ah-ha!  Stop crying! Look at the REALITY of the current market (for me, this was 2008), do some extensive research and then make a decision and live with the results.  I did, and immediately felt the relief of a plan take shape.  There is NOTHING more stressful than living in the ether world of grayness and indecision.  As Cher said in the movie ‘Moonstruck’, “Snap out of it!!” Continue reading

Real Estate Radio – Really?

Something you should know: There is a radio station dedicated to the status of real estate. It is called Real Estate Today and it is the fastest-growing real estate radio show in the US. Where can you find it? There are nearly 100 stations across the US which carry the program produced by the National Association of Realtors. The show also airs nationwide on Sirius XM Satellite Radio and on the worldwide web at Visit the site any time to learn what is going on in the world of real estate.